Program Administration

Administration of the Undergraduate Program

The administration of the undergraduate program consists of: 

  • reviewing and updating the curriculum
  • preparing catalog updates
  • preparing class schedules and assigning instructors
  • assuring a quality student experience both in and out of class
  • advising student organizations
  • providing general academic advising
  • providing academic advising during registration
  • maintaining student records
  • processing petitions
  • providing information for non-students
  • awarding scholarships

Who's Who in Mechanical Engineering

Department Chairman—Dr. Pradeep Sharma

Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)—Dr. R. Bannerot

Director of Undergraduate Advising (DUA)—Dr. J.R. Rao

Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee (UAAC) Members—Dr. Richard Bannerot, Dr. Charles Dalton, Dr. J.R.. Rao, Dr. Gangbing Song

Advisors for Honors Students—Dr. Ralph Metcalfe

Advisors to Dept. Student Organizations

  • ASME—Dr. P. Sharma
  • ASM—Dr. K.W. White
  • Pi Tau Sigma—Dr. R. Metcalfe

Staff Support— Rachel Richardson

Overall responsibility for the Undergraduate Program rests with the Department Chairman who is responsible for preparing the class schedules, assigning instructors, awarding scholarships, and making appointments to the positions listed above.

Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee (UAAC)

Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee (UAAC) is a committee of four to six faculty members that is responsible for overseeing the academic content of the program, including periodic reviews. With input from all faculty, as appropriate, this committee initiates changes in the program, and, with the approval of the faculty, sees to it that approved changes are implemented in a timely manner. The members of the UAAC are appointed by the Chairman in consultation with the DUS (below). The membership should, as far as possible, represent the disciplines present in the department and contain a mix of junior and senior faculty.

Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)

Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) has the administrative responsibility for the program. As such, he is responsible for the preparation of the documentation associated with changes in the program. He takes responsibility, as needed, to assure that all aspects of the undergraduate program (above) are running effectively. To this end, he works in concert with those listed below and helps to interpret issues of policy, as necessary. He also serves as the department's representative on the College Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

Director of Undergraduate Advising (DUA)

Director of Undergraduate Advising (DUA) is responsible for overseeing and participating in the advising of our undergraduate students (both during registration and otherwise), processing petitions, overseeing the maintenance of student records, and interfacing with the public (non-students) seeking information about the undergraduate program. He receives support from the fulltime staff, and the assistance of all faculty as needed during registration. He serves as a member of the UAAC.

Advisors for Honors Students

Advisors for Honors Students are responsible for advising Honors students and maintaining liaison with the Honors College. They attend the functions of the Honors College such as the Honors banquet, and the Honors retreat. They actively work to introduce the Honors ( and other outstanding) students into the research activities of the department. They initiate contact with all outstanding students in the department for this purpose and communicate with all faculty in seeking appropriate research experiences for them.

Staff Support

One full-time staff member and, as appropriate, additional staff will be assigned to support the undergraduate program. Their activities are primarily associated with maintaining student records, developing the documents associated with registration, and answering phone inquiries, as far as possible, before referring questions to the DUA.

Advisors to Department Student Organizations

The Advisors to ASME, Pi Tau Sigma, and ASM are actively involved in the organizations, offering advice as appropriate and initiating suggestions as needed. The Department regards it as particularly important to assure smooth operations for the ASME student organization.