Capstone Design—Recent Capstone Projects

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ME Capstone Design Recent Projects

Industrial Projects in the Oil and Gas Field
• “Subsea Multi-pipe Separator Design” FMC Technologies, 2015-16
• “Elastomer Characterization” Cameron, 2015-16
• “Manley Valve Redesign” Cook Compression, 2015-16
• “Zero Force Vibration Fixture Design” Ranger Gauge Systems, 2015-16
• “Evaluation of a Super-Efficient Regulator for a BOP” NOV, 2014-15
• Development and Testing of an Encoder Loss Protection Code” NOV, 2014-15
• “Upgrade and Automate a Tensile Testing Machine to Provide Tensile and Fatigue Data for Elastomers” NOV, 2014-2015.
• “Design and Prototype a Remotely Controlled Mechanism for Operating a Choke Throttle Valve” FMC, 2014-15
• “Design and Evaluation of a Torque-Limiting Device for an Internal Bypass Cement Manifold” Slumberger, 2014-15
• “Evaluation of Elastomer Materials under Various Temperatures and Pressures” Cameron, 2014-15
Other Industrially Sponsored Projects
• "Design of Improved Tool Kit Frames" Siemens Energy, 2015-16
• "Design of a 100-Ton Turbine Jack Stand Tooling Kit" Siemens Energy, 2015-16
• “Noise Control in the Neutral Buoyance Lab” Oceaneering Space Systems, 2015-16
•  Thermocuff I and II” Kowa, 2015-16
• “Camless, One-Cylinder Engine” Lockheed Martin, 2014-15
• “Development of Low-Cost Arctic Instrumentation and Measurement System as Part of an Interdisciplinary Project” NASA, 2014-15
Projects with Academic Sponsors
• “Deployable Boom I and II” UH Smart Materials Laboratory, 2015-16
• “3-D Printer Vending Machine I and II” UH Department of ME, 2015-16
• “Levitating Locomotive Demonstration” UH Department of ME, 2015-16
• “STEM Demonstrations” UH Department of ME, 2014-15
Student Initiated Projects
• “Carbon Fiber Electric Motorcycle” 2015-16
•  “Inverted Pendulum” 2015-16
• “Quadcopter I, II, III, IV, V, and VI” 2015-16
• “Quadcopter I and II” 2014-15
• “Design Fabrication and Testing of a Ground Effect Aircraft” 2014-15
• “Design Fabrication and Testing of a Vertical Transportation Device” 2014-15
• “Design, Fabrication and Testing of a Can Crusher I, II and III” 2014-15
• “Design, Fabrication and Testing of a Device to Help in Transporting Heavy Loads to and from Automobile Trunks” 2014-15
• “An Improved Beer Brewing System” 2014-15
• “Design, Fabrication and Testing of a Portable Cooling Device” 2014-15
• “Design, Fabrication and Testing of an Improved Method for Removing a Spare Tie Mounted under a Truck” 2014-15
• “Design, Fabrication and Testing of a Device to Measure Homan Power Output” 2014-15
Student Design Competitions
• Formula SAE, 2015-16
• ASME Student Design Competition, 2014-15
• Shell Eco-Marathon, 2013-14
Projects for the Undergraduate Classes
• “Thermocouple Lab Experiment” 2015-16
• “Class Demonstration for Solid Mechanics” 2015-16
• “ Heat Exchanger Evaluation Rig – An Experiment for MECE 4371” 2014-15
Alternative Energy Projects
• “Algorithm Controlled Solar Tracker” 2015-16
• “Solar Still I and II” 2015-16
•  “Design, Fabrication and Testing of an Electricity Generating Kite” 2014-15
• “Design, Fabrication and Testing of a Mobil Fog-Collector” 2014-15