Subsea Professor Urges Creation of National Institute for Subsea Engineering at Offshore Technology Conference

Dr. Phaneendra Kondapi, an Engineering Manager, Flow Management at FMC Technologies and KBR Adjunct Professor of Subsea Engineering at University of Houston, presented an informative topic on state-of-the art flow assurance technologies in the Monday May 6, 2013 afternoon session at Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) on “Chemical Solutions for Flow Assurance”. His presentation “OTC-24250 - Today’s Top 30 Flow Assurance Technologies: Where Do They Stand?” gave an overview of thirty different existing and developing flow assurance technologies summarizing the current state of technology based on maturity level, solution type, applicability and effectivity. Moreover, Dr. Kondapi proposed the creation of a National Institute for Subsea Engineering (NISE) in order to help standardize the discipline both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Kondapi's presentation at the OTC was summarized in the OTC 2013 publication on pages 28 and 41. To access the summary of Dr. Kondapi's presentation, please visit: