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Department of Mechanical Engineering
N207 Engineering Building 1,
Houston, TX 77204-4006
Phone: 713-743-4500
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Dr. Venkat Selvamanickam

M.D. Anderson Chair Professor

Office Location: N214

Phone: 713-743-4044   |   Fax: 713-743-4503

Email: selva [at] uh [dot] edu

Website: Selvamanickam Research Group

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., University of Houston

Research Interests

Epitaxial thin film growth by PVD and CVD, Single crystalline films on polycrystalline/amorphous substrates, Solidification and crystal growth, Oxide & nitride materials, Roll-to-roll thin film coatings on flexible substrates, Bulk ceramic processing, Control of nano-scale interfacial and bulk defects, Texture evolution and grain boundary control, Nucleation and growth kinetics in vapor phase and liquid phase growth

Engineering Applications

High Temperature Superconductors, Photovoltaics, Thermoelectrics, Batteries, Supercapacitors