Theses and Dissertations — 2017

Masters Theses

Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Omar Ali Dr. Haleh Ardebili The Investigation of Thermal Runaway Mechanisms in Solid Polymer Based Lithium-Ion Batteries [Link]
Song Chen Dr. Cunjiang Yu Novel Fabrication of Flexible Electronics by Transfer Printing Process [Link]
Ravishanker Venkata Gampa Dr. Philippe Masson Powering Particle Accelerators [Link]
Graham Hunter Dr. Gangbing Song System Identification of Coupled Vertical and Rotational Stick-Slip Drilling Dynamics on a Modeled Rig for Adaptive Control [Link]
Virginia Phifer Dr. Phillipe Masson AC Loss Modeling in HTS Machines for Turboelectric Propulsion in Aircraft [Link]
Antonis Tatsis Dr. Matthew Franchek Estimation of Wax Deposition in Subsea Pipelines [Link]
Ashwin Vichattumadom Ramakrishnan Dr. Karolos Grigoriadis Design and Control of a Magnetic Hammer Millirobot for Tissue Penetration [Link]


Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Himani Agrawal Dr. Pradeep Sharma Atomistic and Continuum Reinvestigation of Protein Membrane Interactions [Link]
Weijie Li Dr. Gangbing Song Innovative Structural Health Monitoring Using Smart Sensors [Link]
Yi Lu Dr. Dong Liu Electrowetting Enhancement of Critical Heat Flux [Link]
Amine Meziou Dr. Matthew Franchek Low-Dimensional Modeling of Two-Phase Flow in Pipelines [Link]
Mete Mutlu Dr. Matthew Franchek Dynamic Analysis of Subsea Blowout Preventer Fluid Power System [Link]
Ala Eddine Omrani Dr. Matthew Franchek Multiphase Flows In Vertical Pipelines [Link]
Peter Alexander Smith Dr. Ralph Metcalfe Miniature Axial Flow Blood Pump: Hydraulic Development & Design [Link]
Milad Yarali Dr. Anastassios Mavrokefalos Thermal and Thermoelectric Transport Measurements of Silicon Nanomembranes, Transition Metal Dichalcogenides, and Carbon Nanotube Networks [Link]