Who's Who in Mechanical Engineering

Department Chairman—Dr. Pradeep Sharma

Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)—Dr. R. Bannerot

Director of Undergraduate Advising (DUA)—Dr. J.R. Rao

Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee (UAAC) Members—Dr. Richard Bannerot, Dr. Charles Dalton, Dr. J.R.. Rao, Dr. Gangbing Song

Advisors for Honors Students—Dr. Ralph Metcalfe

Advisors to Dept. Student Organizations

  • ASME—Dr. P. Sharma
  • ASM—Dr. K.W. White
  • Pi Tau Sigma—Dr. R. Metcalfe

Staff Support— Rachel Richardson

Overall responsibility for the Undergraduate Program rests with the Department Chairman who is responsible for preparing the class schedules, assigning instructors, awarding scholarships, and making appointments to the positions listed above.