ME Graduate Course List

  • 6301: Nanostructured Materials
  • 6333: Conduction and Radiation
    Cr.3(3-0). Prerequisite: MATH 3363.
  • 6334: Convection Heat Transfer
    Cr.3.(3-0). Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Thermal boundary-layer theory; forced convection in laminar and turbulent flows; heat transfer of high velocities; transpiration cooling; dimensional analysis; free convection; selected applications.
  • 6335: Heat Transfer with Phase Change
    Cr.3.(3-0). Prerequisite: graduate standing or consent of instructor. Dynamics of liquid-vapor interfaces including the role of capillary forces. Mechanisms and analysis of boiling and condensing heat transfer.
  • 6336: Engineering Heat Transfer
  • 6345: Fluid Dynamics 1
  • 6353: Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics 1
    Cr.3.(3-0). Prerequisite: MECE 3463, MECE 3363 or equivalent, Fortran programming experience, or consent of instructor. Numerical methods for linear and nonlinear Partial Differential Equations. Emphasis on finite difference and spectral methods applied to the Navier-Stokes equations for incompressible flow. Turbulence modeling.
  • 6356: Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics 2
  • 6358: Superconductor Materials
  • 6361: Mechanical Behavior / Materials
    Cr.3.(3-0). Prerequisite: MECE 3445 and graduate standing. Dislocation and defect theory, deformation and fatigue of metals, polymers and brittle materials.
  • 6363: Physical Metallurgy
    Cr.3.(3-0). Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Structure and mechanical properties of metals and alloys. Metal strengthening processes, plastic deformation, work hardening, crystal imperfections, recovery, and recrystallization.
  • 6364: Phase Transformations of Materials
  • 6367: Flight Control Systems Design
  • 6374: Nonlinear Control Syst Design
  • 6377: Continuum Mechanics I
    Cr.3.(3-0). Prerequisite: MECE 5332 or consent of instructor. Motion of a continuum, polar decomposition, measures of strain; rate of deformation and vorticity; transport theorem, balance laws; general constitutive theory, material symmetry, invariance requirements.
  • 6382: Theory of Elasticity
    Cr.3(3-0). Prerequisite: MECE 5332 or consent of instructor. Physical principles, stress and displacement formulations, stress functions, variational principles, Saint-Venant beam theory, Green's functions, two- and three-dimensional problems, elements of fracture mechanics.
  • 6384: Mtds of Appld Mthmtcs I
  • 6385: Mtds of Appld Mthmtcs II
  • 6387: Intelligent Structural Systems
  • 6388: Optimal Control Theory
  • 6389: Matrix Inequality Control
  • 6397: Fluid Dynamics 2
  • 6397: Scientific Computing
  • 6398: Mechanics of Composites
  • 7320: Micromechanics of Composites
  • 7341: Introduction to Micro/nanofluidics
  • 7361: System Identification
  • 7362: Robust Multivariable Control
  • 7375: Control of Smart Structures
  • 7377: Microstructural Electron Microscopy
    Cr.3.(3-0). Prerequisite: graduate standing and consent of instructor. Principles of electron microscopy, diffraction and contrast theories, the transmission electron microscope (TEM), the scanning electron microscope (SEM), application to microstructure of solid materials.
  • 7397: Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • 7397: Interfacial Transport Phenomena