Theses and Dissertations — 2019

Masters Theses

Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Shahmeer Baweja Dr. Shailendra Joshi Statistical Analysis of HCP Polycrystals Using Crystal Plasticity Modeling and Simulation [Link]
Saket Vivek Kavishwar Dr. Dong Liu Fluidic Assisted Fabrication of Elastomer Optical Lenses Using Capillarity [Link]
Victor Armando Kitmanyen Dr. Olga Bannova, Dr. Larry Bell Occupant Survivability for Commercial Spaceflight Emergencies: Protocol and Design Recommendations [Link]
Aakash Mishra Dr. Rodolfo Monico Vortex Ring Collision with Free-Slip and No-Slip Wall [Link]
Ali Nabaa Dr. Shailendra Joshi Brittle to Ductile Fracture Behavior of Isotropic Power-Law and Sigmoidal Hardening Porous Solids Using XFEM Method [Link]
Anita M. Panda Dr. Ralph Metcalfe DEM Simulation of Bubbling Fluidized Bed
Amir Hossein Rahmati Dr. Pradeep Sharma Application of Machine Learning in Failure Prediction of Brazed-Aluminum Based Heat Exchangers [Link]
Abdul Rahman Omar Saddiq Dr. Haleh Ardebili Investigation of Thermal Runaway Suppression in Polymer-Based Lithium Ion Batteries
Antonis Tatsis Dr. Matthew Franchek Estimation of Wax Deposition in Subsea Pipelines [Link]
Ayda Uraz Dr. Olga Bannova An Intelligent and Unified Concept of Operations for Human-Spaceflight [Link]


Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Anis Ben Yahia Dr. Venkat Selvamanickam AC Losses and Mechanical Properties of Multifilamentary High Temperature Superconductor Tapes and Wires [Link]
Faezeh Darbaniyan Dr. Pradeep Sharma Nonlinear Mechanics of Deformable Soft Electret Materials and the Emergent Phenomena of Pyroelectricity, Electrocaloric Effect, and the Kerr Effect [Link]
Mahmoud H. Hadi Dr. Gangbing Song Intelligent Multi-Axis Control for Automatic Drilling System
Varun Umesh Kashyap Dr. Hadi Ghasemi Functional Materials for Solar Thermal Energy Harvesting [Link]
Wenbo Luo Dr. Venkat Selvamanickam Fabrication and Electromechanical Study of Symmetric Tape Round (STAR) REBCO Wires [Link]
Moadh Mallek Dr. Matthew Franchek Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Electromagnetic Systems [Link]
Weijie Wang Dr. Jae-Hyun Ryou Strain Effect in III-Nitride Thin Film Based High Electron Mobility Transistors [Link]
Yuan Zhang Dr. Venkat Selvamanickam Development of REBCO Tapes on Non-Metallic Flexible Substrates for RF Applications [Link]
Hamid Reza Ziyaee Dr. Zhifeng Ren Thermodynamics of Boron Arsenide Crystal Growth and Characterizations [Link]