For more information, contact:

Academic Advisor III
Mechanical, Aerospace, Space Architecture, and Subsea Engineering
Phone: 713-743-4505
Fax: 713-743-3722
Email: megrad [at]

Dr. Dong Liu
Director of Graduate Studies of Mechanical Engineering
Phone: 713-743-4532
Email: dongliu [at]

Dr. Di Yang
Associate Professor
Admissions Director of Mechanical Engineering
Phone: 713-743-7260
Email: diyang [at]

Dr. Li Sun
Director of Subsea Engineering Program
Phone: 713-743-4509
Email: subsea-advisor [at]

Dr. Karolos Grigoriadis
Director of Aerospace Engineering Program
Phone: 713-743-4387
Email: karolos [at]

Dr. Olga Bannova
Research Associate Professor
Director of Space Architecture Program
Email: obannova [at]

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