Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Program at University of Houston

The Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering at the University of Houston prepares students for careers in one of the most versatile engineering professions. The curriculum is taught by faculty committed to teaching the fundamentals of scientific reasoning, logical thinking and self-learning. Students have access to professional opportunities in the Houston area and beyond throughout their academic careers, and research opportunities are widely available for interested undergraduate and graduate students. 


The ME curriculum is designed to challenge students to become creative problem solvers in team-based environments. During the first two years, the curriculum comprises topics such as engineering theory and the art of engineering practice. The technical content integrates mathematics and natural sciences with engineering fundamentals. As students approach their junior and senior years, they will be able to customize their education by specializing in areas such as nanotechnology, energy, and computation engineering.


Admission requirements for the University of Houston's Cullen College of Engineering are higher than University of Houston requirements. Please review both college and university requirements.

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