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Admission Steps

Applicants may be considered for admission to an undergraduate division by graduation from an accredited high school, as college transfer students, or by entrance examination.

Prospective students should obtain a University of Houston undergraduate/post-baccalaureate admission application. This publication contains detailed information on application procedures.

Students will be considered for admission based on the admission requirements in effect for the semester in which they apply. Students who do not enroll for the semester for which they are approved must contact the Office of Admissions to reapply.

The Texas Skills Initiative test (TSI) is now an entrance requirement for Texas colleges and universities. This test is designed to be an assessment of academic preparation. (The TSI is in addition to any ACT, SAT, TOEFL, etc. requirements already established for college and universities). Because of this all new undergraduate students must go to the Academic Advising Center in Room 320 of the Student Services Building to be advised on the TSI requirement before being advised by their major department. For more information on this exam please contact your high school counseling service or the Academic Advising office at the university, (713) 743-1046.

Engineering majors are encouraged to take advanced placement and/or achievement tests in American history, political science, chemistry, and English prior to admission. Course work in these areas will be waived with appropriate scores.

All entering students who have not completed any college level mathematics courses must take the math placement exam. All students who have not fulfilled their English requirements by transfer credit must present TSWE or ACT English scores or, in the case of international students, take the PENNSE exam (this is in addition to the TOEFL). Additional information on all of these exams including advance registration requirements may be obtained from the Office of Counseling and Testing (713) 743-5454.

Foreign nationals who hold student (F-1) or other temporary visas are subject to requirements specified in the Admission Information or International Undergraduate Students brochure. This brochure may be obtained from the Office of Admissions.