General Regulations for Transfer of Course Credit

  1. The college from which credit is to be transferred must be accredited.
  2. Courses transferred to the University on the same level and with the corresponding number of hours as earned at the other institution. A student's grade point average for UH evaluation is established only on work done at the university. Courses taken at other institutions in which grades are below C are not transferable or applicable toward degree requirements at UH.
  3. Courses taken at other colleges may satisfy the core curriculum requirements only if the courses are equivalent to UH courses approved for the core curriculum, and if a grade of C or higher was earned.
  4. Courses taken at other colleges that do not correspond to courses offered at the university may transfer as elective credit. Such courses may fulfill degree requirements at the discretion of the major department and dean.
  5. The following courses are not accepted by the university in transfer: Vocational courses, orientation, remedial course work, bookkeeping, general education development tests on high school or college level, courses from unaccredited seminaries or Bible colleges.
  6. Courses in technology from accredited schools will be considered for transfer credit as technology courses only and may not be substituted for engineering courses.
  7. Credit may be granted for courses taken at military service training schools based on recommendations made in the Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experience in the Armed Services.
  8. Credit may be granted for courses taken through various non-collegiate organizations based on recommendation made by the Commission on Educational Credit when such training is considered by the university to be at the baccalaureate level and consistent with the student's educational objective.
  9. A maximum of 12 semester hours in religion from an accredited college is accepted toward a degree.
  10. A maximum of 2 semester hours in physical education activity courses is transferred; 2 semester hours fulfill the requirement.
  11. Students will be allowed to apply toward a baccalaureate degree at the university a maximum of 66 semester hours from a community college. If a student transfers more than 66 hours from a community college, the dean of the college of the student's major at UH will determine which of the hours, not to exceed 66, will apply to the University of Houston degree.
  12. Once a student has enrolled in the Cullen College of Engineering, he must obtain approval in advance to attend another college and transfer work back to the University of Houston. This approval is obtained by petition to the Engineering Dean's Office.
  13. To earn a degree at the university, the last 30 semester hours must be completed in residence on this campus. Only grade points earned at the University of Houston are averaged for the degree.
  14. Students must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours in engineering in residence at UH.
  15. Transfer credit for mechanical engineering courses will be accepted only from mechanical engineering programs which are accredited by ABET.
  16. Unless prohibited by one or more of the general regulations above, the dean of the college in which the student majors will make the final decision concerning the application of transfer credit to the degree program.